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DeMesa Family is not only an awesome bunch, but have been with us since we&#8217;ve started. From Emme&#8217;s Baptism to our very first family session, we&#8217;ve seen their family blossom. Their continued support
December 09 2016 21:26:24

Hey guys! I&#8217;m starting to make videos about nail art designs and make up. I just uploaded my first tutorial and I&#8217;d like if you could see it and comment/rate it Thumbs up so everyone can see it!!
December 09 2016 20:27:25

i think you are already super woman working all those hour ,but my god if you where to be like ginger spice you could take over the world lol Smile
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The concept of museum and security is all a trouble inviting is better to leave the treasure where ever it is found under the control of God himself as it was earlier. Who r we to take control over GOD&#8217;s property and decide what to do&#8230;
December 09 2016 12:03:13

On April 9th the NJ Star Ledger had an editorial attacking Dr. Corsi and Republicans who sponsored Dr. Corsi&#39;s standing room only presentation. There were hundreds of replies to the editorial on but many of these were later removed and replaced ... I believe Star Ledger didn&#39;t like the support shown for Dr. Corsi and decided to cut and paste responses.. I had two commentaries which were shown on the website different days and then later removed!!
December 09 2016 06:37:49

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Debora disse:Ana eu acabei de assistir ao ultimo culto de mulheres de 2012. Amei, aprendi muito mesmo. Gostaria de saber se vcs irão fazer um DVD de todos os cultos de Mulheres DT de 2012. Gostaria muito de ver os outros cultos, seria melhor para mim, pois a internet de Manaus ainda é muuuito lenta,rs.Que Deus nos abençoe. AMÉM.
December 09 2016 03:16:25

Não podia estar mais de acordo com a parte dos clichés e do patriotismo. No entanto, o estilo câmara no ombro sempre aos pinotes, is just not my cup of tea. Se tecnicamente está impressionante, muito se perde devido ao modo como optaram por filmar as cenas. Bem sei, dá mais realismo à coisa, mas no cinema não dá para rebobinar. Cheira-me que não serei tão simpática. De qualquer modo entretém. Que mais se pode pedir? Boa Páscoa!
December 09 2016 01:56:42

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